The Durian Digest, the news that packs a punch! Our website was founded in 2023 by journalist Oliver Knox, who sought to create a platform for humorous and thought-provoking takes on current events.

Our mission at The Durian Digest is simple: to make you laugh, and to make you think. We specialize in crafting absurd and outlandish stories that push the boundaries of what’s possible, while also offering incisive commentary on the state of the world today.

Our team of writers is made up of some of the most talented satirists and comedians in the business, who work tirelessly to bring you the most hilarious and cutting-edge content on the web. From fake news articles to satirical opinion pieces, we cover a wide range of topics and issues, all with a healthy dose of humor and irreverence.

We understand that the world can be a serious and scary place, which is why we strive to provide a much-needed escape from the daily grind. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, a sharp critique of society, or just some silly fun, The Durian Digest has got you covered.

So come on in, take a look around, and enjoy the best satirical news and commentary the internet has to offer. And remember, everything you read on The Durian Digest is purely fictional and should not be taken seriously.

Oliver Knox – Owner