Man’s Bagel Confusion Creates Hole-y War in Small Town

Confused Man Sparks Debate Over Bagel Holes

In a strange turn of events, a man from the small town of Bagelton has expressed confusion over the presence of holes in bagels. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have never noticed the holes before and has been left scratching his head as to their purpose.

The Debate: Theories and Opinions

The man’s confusion has sparked a heated debate in the community, with some suggesting that the holes are used to make the bagels cook faster or to allow them to be strung up on a cord like beads. Others have more fanciful theories, suggesting that the holes were originally used as a way for bakers to test the quality of the dough or as a secret code used by Jewish bakers during the Middle Ages.

Despite the differing opinions, the man remains steadfast in his confusion. “I mean, why not just make a donut instead?” he asked, clearly exasperated. “It’s the same shape, but without all the fuss.”

“Hole-y Grail” Event Educates Community on Bagel History

In response to the man’s bafflement, a group of local bagel aficionados have organized a “Hole-y Grail” event to educate the community on the history and purpose of the holes in bagels. The event will feature presentations from bakers and food historians, as well as a bagel-eating contest.

As for the man at the center of the controversy, he says he’s looking forward to attending the event and finally getting to the bottom of the hole-y mystery. “Maybe I’ll even try spreading cream cheese through one of those things,” he mused. “Who knows, I might just become a convert.”