Easter Bunny Caught Stealing Eggs, Traumatizes Chickens

Easter Egg Heist Leaves Chickens Traumatized and Business in Disarray

In a shocking turn of events, a man dressed as the Easter Bunny was caught on CCTV footage breaking into a farm and stealing all the eggs from a chicken coop. The man has since been caught and charged with breaking and entering, but the real victims in this case may be the chickens themselves.

In an exclusive interview with the farmer, we learned that the chickens are “traumatized” by the incident and may no longer produce any eggs. “They’re just not the same,” the farmer said. “They used to cluck and strut around, proud of the eggs they produced. But now, they’re quiet and scared. I don’t know if they’ll ever be the same again.”

The Easter Bunny, whose identity has not been released, reportedly broke into the coop in the dead of night, wearing a full bunny suit complete with ears and a fluffy tail. He then proceeded to scoop up all the eggs in a large basket before making his escape.

When asked why he thought the Easter Bunny would resort to such criminal behavior, the farmer shrugged. “Maybe he just really loves eggs? I don’t know. All I know is that my chickens are traumatized and we’ve lost a lot of business because of it.”

The incident has caused a stir in the local community, with many questioning the motives of the Easter Bunny and wondering what other crimes he may be capable of. Some have even speculated that this may be part of a larger trend of holiday mascots gone rogue, with rumors of a rogue Cupid spotted stealing chocolates and a mischievous Leprechaun wreaking havoc on St. Patrick’s Day.

One thing’s for sure – the chickens may never look at Easter the same way again.