Cow Hit By Train Lands On Farmers Wife

Farmer’s wife miraculously survives bizarre accident

In what can only be described as a “moooving” mishap, a cow that was hit by a train was sent flying through the air and landed on a farmer’s wife.

The incident occurred in a small town in the Midwest, where cows outnumber people and trains run through the center of town. Eyewitnesses reported that the cow was grazing on the tracks, as cows are known to do, when a train came barreling down the track. The train’s conductor attempted to slow down, but it was too late – the cow was struck and sent soaring through the air like a bovine missile.

As fate would have it, the cow landed directly on the farmer’s wife, who was taking a leisurely stroll through the fields. Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured, but she did suffer a few bumps and bruises – not to mention a strong odor of cow.

“I thought I had been hit by a meteorite or something,” the farmer’s wife said in an interview. “But then I saw this big, brown, smelly thing lying on top of me, and I realized it was a cow. I guess you could say I was ‘udderly’ shocked!”

Cow becomes a local celebrity

The incident has sparked a debate in the town about the safety of grazing on train tracks. Some residents are calling for stricter regulations to prevent cows from wandering onto the tracks, while others are blaming the train conductor for not being more vigilant.

In the meantime, the cow has been dubbed the “flying moo-moo” and has become something of a local celebrity. Tourists are flocking to the town to take selfies with the cow, which has been stuffed and mounted on a platform in the center of town.

The farmer’s wife, for her part, is taking the incident in stride. “I’ve always said that cows are out to get me,” she joked. “I just never thought they’d use a train to do it!”