Who Needs Beer When You Can Have Drill Bits? Man’s Mistake at Lidl

Lidl’s Quirky Offering: Novelty Beer Can Packaging for Drill Bits

A man’s night in took an unexpected turn when he mistakenly purchased a dozen cans of drill bits from a local Lidl supermarket, thinking they were novelty cans of beer.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he was browsing the beer aisle of the supermarket when he noticed what he thought were some new, quirky beers in cans. Without reading the labels carefully, he grabbed a 12-pack and headed to the checkout.

“I was so excited to try these new beers,” the man said in an exclusive interview. “I didn’t even bother to look at the labels properly. I just saw the cool beer can designs and thought, ‘This will be a great night in.'”

To his horror, when he cracked open the first can, he found it filled not with beer, but with drill bits.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I felt like such an idiot. I didn’t even realize they were drill bits until I poured them out.”

The man went on to explain that while he found the situation amusing, he was still annoyed at himself for wasting money on drill bits he didn’t need.

“I had a good chuckle about it afterwards, but I still wish I had checked the labels more carefully,” he said. “I could have spent that money on actual beer!”

When reached for comment, a Lidl spokesperson confirmed that the supermarket does indeed sell drill bits in novelty beer cans, but they do not contain any actual beer.

“We apologize for any confusion caused,” the spokesperson said. “We sell a wide range of products, including novelty items like these drill bit cans, but we do not want our customers to mistake them for actual beer. We encourage all of our customers to read product labels carefully before making a purchase.”

As of now, it is unclear what the man plans to do with his unexpected haul of drill bits, but one thing is for sure: he won’t be making the same mistake again anytime soon.