How Jesus Popularized Easter Egg Hunts: The Biblical Story You Never Knew

The Surprising Biblical Story Behind a Modern Tradition

It’s Easter time, and everyone knows what that means – chocolate bunnies, baskets filled with treats, and of course, Easter egg hunts. But have you ever wondered where this tradition came from? As it turns out, the answer might surprise you: Jesus himself!

That’s right, according to some ancient texts that didn’t make it into the Bible, Jesus was quite the fan of egg hunts. As the story goes, the disciples were all gathered around in the garden, mourning Jesus’ death, when he suddenly appeared before them. “Surprise!” he exclaimed, holding a basket filled with brightly colored eggs.

The disciples were understandably confused. “Um, Jesus, what’s with the eggs?” asked Peter.

Jesus just smiled. “I’m starting a new tradition,” he said. “Every year, on the Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, we’re going to hide eggs all over the place and see who can find the most. It’s going to be great!”

The disciples were skeptical, but Jesus was pretty convincing. He even showed them how to dye the eggs using natural materials like onion skins and beet juice. And soon enough, they were all running around the garden, trying to find the most eggs.

From Bladders to Chocolate: The Evolution of Easter Eggs

Of course, back then they didn’t have chocolate eggs like we do today. Instead, they had to improvise with whatever they could find. Some of the eggs were made of stone or wood, while others were made of bread dough or even animal bladders (hey, they worked with what they had).

Despite the less-than-tasty ingredients, the egg hunts were a huge hit. The disciples loved the sense of competition, and the colorful eggs brought a bit of joy and levity to an otherwise pretty grim situation. And so, the tradition of the Easter egg hunt was born.

Over the centuries, the tradition evolved and changed, but the basic idea stayed the same. And now, we continue to celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies, all thanks to Jesus and his love of egg hunts. So this year, as you bite into your chocolate bunny or search for hidden eggs, remember the humble origins of this beloved tradition – and give a nod to the man who started it all.