Human held captive by Twitter’s puzzle obsession, forced to prove not a bot for eternity

Oliver Knox’s desperate attempts to convince Twitter of his humanity met with endless math problems and riddles, leaving him trapped in a digital purgatory

In a bizarre turn of events, Twitter has locked an account belonging to a legitimate human being, suspecting it to be a bot. The account owner, Oliver Knox, has been stuck in an endless loop of solving puzzle challenges to prove that he is not a robot.

According to sources close to Oliver, he was initially amused when he received a notification from Twitter asking him to prove that he was not a bot. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when he was presented with an endless series of puzzle challenges.

“I thought it was just a one-time thing, but the puzzles kept coming and coming,” Oliver lamented. “At first, it was just simple math problems, but then it progressed to more complex tasks like identifying images of obscure objects and solving riddles.”

Despite John’s repeated attempts to contact Twitter support and explain that he is a real human being, the social media platform continues to subject him to these tedious puzzles. “It’s like they’ve become obsessed with proving that I’m not a robot,” Oliver said.

The situation has attracted widespread ridicule on social media, with many users expressing their disbelief at Twitter’s seemingly never-ending puzzle challenges. “If Oliver is a bot, then we’re all bots,” one user tweeted.

As for Oliver, he has resigned himself to his fate as an eternal puzzle solver. “I guess this is my life now,” he said with a sigh. “If anyone needs me, I’ll be here, solving puzzles until the end of time.”

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