EPA: “Lead Pipes are at Least Better Than Asbestos!

EPA defends lead pipes, claiming they’re ‘practically harmless’ compared to other hazards

In a controversial move, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has come out in defense of lead pipes, stating that they are “at least better than asbestos.”

The statement comes in response to growing concerns about the safety of lead pipes, which have been linked to numerous health problems, including developmental issues in children and increased risk of cancer in adults.

Critics of the EPA’s stance have called it “outrageous” and “dangerous,” but the agency stands by its words.

“At least lead pipes don’t give you mesothelioma,” says an EPA spokesperson. “Sure, they may cause lead poisoning and other health issues, but compared to asbestos, they’re practically harmless.”

The spokesperson went on to explain that the EPA is not advocating for the use of lead pipes, but rather pointing out that there are worse things out there.

“Look, we’re not saying lead pipes are good,” says the spokesperson. “We’re just saying that compared to things like asbestos, they’re not the worst thing in the world.”

The statement has caused outrage among health experts and environmentalists, who are calling for the EPA to retract its statement and take action to remove all lead pipes from use.

In response, the EPA has issued a follow-up statement, clarifying its position.

“Okay, fine, lead pipes are bad,” says the spokesperson. “But compared to, say, radioactive waste, they’re practically harmless.”

The spokesperson declined to comment further on the matter, but it seems that the EPA’s stance on lead pipes is unlikely to change anytime soon.