Smart Lightbulbs Blamed for Dishwasher Network Failure

Local Man Laments the Inconvenience of Having to Physically Start Dishwasher After Smart Home Upgrade Goes Awry.

In a shocking revelation, a local man’s smart lightbulbs have been identified as the cause of his dishwasher’s inability to connect to his home network. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported that ever since he installed the smart lightbulbs, his dishwasher has refused to connect to his Wi-Fi network.

“I just wanted to make my home a little bit smarter,” the man said, “but now I can’t even get my dishwasher to start unless I physically press the button. It’s like living in the Stone Age.”

According to a spokesperson for the smart lightbulb manufacturer, the issue is not with the bulbs themselves, but with the man’s “overly complex” home network.

“Our smart lightbulbs are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive,” the spokesperson said. “If this man’s dishwasher can’t connect to his network, it’s because his network is too convoluted. Maybe he needs to simplify his setup and focus on the essentials.”

The man, however, is not convinced. “I don’t think it’s fair to blame my network,” he said. “I mean, I’ve been able to connect all sorts of other devices to it, like my smart TV and my robot vacuum. Why should my dishwasher be any different?”

The man went on to express frustration at the current state of technology, lamenting the fact that even something as simple as washing dishes now requires physical effort.

“I miss the good old days, when you could just press a button and everything would work,” he said. “Nowadays, you need a degree in computer science just to do the dishes.”

As of press time, the man had not yet found a solution to his dishwasher network woes, but he did report that his smart lightbulbs were “working great.”

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