Virgin Media Outage Leaves UK Without Internet, Customers Forced to Talk to Family Members

Company Admits It Will “Probably Happen Again,” Plans to Make Next Outage Even Longer and More Frustrating

In a stunning display of reliability, Virgin Media has once again left thousands of people without internet access after a widespread outage. Despite previous assurances that such incidents would be rare, Virgin Media has now admitted that it will “probably happen again.”

According to reports, the outage affected most of the UK, leaving frustrated customers unable to access the internet for hours on end. Some were forced to resort to archaic methods of entertainment, such as reading books or talking to family members.

“I don’t know what to do with myself,” said one customer. “I’ve forgotten what it’s like to live without the internet. It’s like being back in the Stone Age.”

Virgin Media has since apologized for the outage, but has offered no real solutions to prevent future occurrences. In a statement, the company simply said, “It is what it is.”

Many customers have expressed their frustration with the company’s lack of accountability and transparency. “It’s not good enough,” said another customer. “We pay for a service and expect it to work. This kind of outage is unacceptable.”

Despite the backlash, Virgin Media has remained defiant, stating that the company is “working hard to ensure that the next outage is even longer and more frustrating than the last.”

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