NATO Makes Reindeer Cavalry and Moose-Mounted Missiles a Thing with Finland’s Entry

Finnish Military Confident in Sled Dog Tactics, Insists They’re ‘Faster Than Tanks

In a historic move, NATO has announced that Finland will become its 31st member state. The news was met with enthusiasm from Finnish officials, who expressed their excitement about finally being able to join a military alliance.

“Today marks a new chapter in Finnish history,” said Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä. “We are thrilled to be joining NATO and to finally have the opportunity to flex our military muscles.”

The announcement was made at a NATO summit in Brussels, where leaders from around the world gathered to welcome Finland into the fold. The mood was festive, with Finnish officials handing out reindeer jerky and bottles of Lapin Kulta beer to their new NATO partners.

“We are so happy to have Finland on board,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. “We have always admired their military might, especially their elite reindeer cavalry.”

The decision to bring Finland into NATO was not without controversy, with some members expressing concern about the country’s non-traditional military tactics, such as the use of sled dogs and cross-country skiing.

But Sipilä dismissed those concerns, saying that Finland’s unique approach to warfare would only enhance NATO’s capabilities.

“We may not have tanks or fighter jets, but we have something even better: moose-mounted missile launchers,” he said.

The move has also drawn criticism from Russia, which sees the expansion of NATO as a direct threat to its national security. But Finnish officials say they are not worried.

“We have a saying in Finland: ‘Talvi tulee,'” said Sipilä. “It means ‘winter is coming.’ And when it comes, we’ll be ready.”

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