Martin Kemp’s Mixtape on Greatest Hits Radio Not Playable on Cassette Player

Fans Complain of Repetitive Playlist and Lack of Mixing in Disastrous Throwback to 80s Mixtapes

In a shocking revelation, Martin Kemp’s mixtape on Greatest Hits Radio has been exposed as not being playable on a cassette player. The news has sent shockwaves through the music world, with many fans of the 80s icon feeling betrayed.

According to insiders, the mixtape was originally intended to be a throwback to the era of mixtapes and boomboxes, but it seems that Kemp and his team failed to realize that no one actually uses cassette players anymore.

“Everyone was so excited for a retro mixtape, but now we can’t even play it,” said one disappointed fan. “I don’t even think I have a cassette player anymore. It’s like Martin Kemp doesn’t know anything about technology.”

But the problems with the mixtape don’t end there. Many fans have also been complaining about the repetitive nature of the playlist and the lack of actual mixing involved.

“It’s like he just pressed shuffle and walked away,” said one frustrated listener. “I was expecting some sick transitions between songs, but instead it’s just one song after another with no real thought put into it.”

Despite the backlash, Kemp has remained silent on the issue, leading some to speculate that he’s gone into hiding to avoid the angry mobs of cassette player owners and mixtape purists.

As for the fans, they’re left with nothing but a useless mixtape and a sense of disappointment. “I don’t know how we’ll ever recover from this,” said one. “It’s like the entire concept of a mixtape has been ruined.”

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