AI Can’t Replace Talent: 30-Year-Old Man Fails at Satirical Writing with AI Assistance

AI technology can’t save a lazy writer: How relying on artificial intelligence backfired for one satirical website contributor

In a stunning display of laziness, a 30-year-old man from a small town has been caught using AI to create news articles for a satirical website. Despite his lack of writing skills, the man reportedly expected to get away with the scheme.

According to sources, the man had been using an AI-powered language model to generate articles for the website, which he had been publishing under a pseudonym.

“He thought he could fool us,” said the website’s editor, who asked to remain anonymous. “But we could tell something was off about the articles. They were full of typos, grammatical errors, and just plain weird sentences.”

When confronted about the scheme, the man reportedly claimed that he had been using the AI to save time and that he didn’t think anyone would notice.

“He’s a bit of a loser,” said one of the man’s former classmates, who wished to remain anonymous. “He was always trying to take shortcuts and get away with things. I’m not surprised he thought he could fool everyone with his AI articles.”

Despite his lack of success with the scheme, the man reportedly plans to continue using AI to generate articles, claiming that he just needs to find a better model.

“He’s delusional,” said the editor of the satirical website. “There’s no AI out there that can replace a good writer. He needs to learn that if he wants to be successful.”

As for the man, he remains optimistic about his future in the world of satire, claiming that he’s “just getting started” and that he’s “bound to strike gold eventually.”

But with his lack of writing skills and his reliance on AI, it seems that the only thing the man is likely to strike is out.

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