100-Year-Old Woman Set to Be the Oldest Person to Go to the Moon in 2024

NASA’s Bold Plan to Send a Centenarian to Space Sparks Controversy and Concern

NASA announced today that they will be sending a 100-year-old woman to the moon in 2024, making her the oldest person ever to travel to space. The decision has sparked controversy and concern among critics, who question whether it’s safe to send someone of her age to space.

The woman, Gertrude Miller, was reportedly chosen for the mission due to her exceptional health and vitality, which NASA officials say make her an ideal candidate for the rigors of space travel.

“We believe that Gertrude is more than capable of handling the challenges of a lunar mission,” said NASA spokesperson John Jones. “She’s in excellent physical and mental shape for someone of her age, and we have every confidence in her ability to complete this historic journey.”

However, critics have raised concerns about the risks associated with sending someone of Gertrude’s age to space. They worry that the extreme conditions of space travel could pose serious health risks, including heart attacks and other complications.

“It’s simply not safe to send someone of that age to space,” said Dr. Janet Brown, a geriatric specialist at the Mayo Clinic. “We know that the human body is not designed to handle the stress and strain of space travel, and that risk only increases with age.”

Despite the controversy, Gertrude herself is said to be thrilled at the opportunity to make history and fulfill her lifelong dream of visiting the moon.

“I never thought I’d live to see this day,” she said in a statement. “I’ve always been fascinated by space and the possibility of exploring the unknown. I’m ready for this adventure, and I can’t wait to see what’s out there.”

The mission is set to take place in 2024, with Gertrude scheduled to spend several days on the moon before returning to Earth. While the risks associated with the mission are certainly high, NASA officials are confident that Gertrude is up to the task, and that her journey will pave the way for future generations of space explorers.

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